Many of the technical terms used throughout our website are explained in this glossary. Please select a letter of the alphabet – or choose “View All” – to browse terms and definitions.

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Backlighting: Lighting that is specifically directed from the back side of a switch panel or control panel through engraved openings or lettering. Backlighting enables the text to be read in low light conditions. A new, low-profile form of LED backlighting is Sticklite, designed and produced by Inventure and viewable in the product gallery.

BGA: Ball Grid Array

Blinkem: A series of novelty light-up pins made exclusively by Inventure. Blinkems feature Christmas shapes with 24 LED's with a scroll through menu to select the desired blinking pattern. Blinkems may be purchased in the personal electronic section of this website.

Bluetooth (tm): Bluetooth is a wireless communication protocol. It is named after the Viking king Harald "Bluetooth" Gormson. Unlike most Vikings he preferred talking over fighting. The Bluetooth logo represents his initials in Nordic runes.

BPSK: Binary Phase Shift Keying