Many of the technical terms used throughout our website are explained in this glossary. Please select a letter of the alphabet – or choose “View All” – to browse terms and definitions.

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Microcontroller: An integrated circuit (chip) that is comprised of an on-board instruction set, input and output ports, clock and memory. It is a small computer with a customized program loaded into it. A microcontroller allows the circuit designer to include decision-making program in the circuit design. A microcontroller adds flexibility, security, economy, efficiency and enhanced capability to your electronic designs. Also called a micro.

MID's: Mobile Internet Devices

MOSFET: Acronym for Metallic Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor

MOV: Metal Oxide Varistor

Multi-layer board: Most printed circuit boards (PCB's) are constructed with just two layers, front and back. However, it is possible to sandwich many layers together where a lot of circuit traces are needed. These boards are called multi-layer PCB's.

Multiplex: A system of transmitting multiple data instructions over a single circuit path by sequentially sending one instruction (data code) and then another and repeating.