Many of the technical terms used throughout our website are explained in this glossary. Please select a letter of the alphabet – or choose “View All” – to browse terms and definitions.

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Schematic capture: The process of 'drawing' a circuit diagram with the aid of a special CAD program designed for printed circuit layout. This phase of the circuit board design ensures that the schematic is in a form that the CAD program can readily utilize.

SFDR: Spurious Free Dynamic Range

Slideout: Many recreational vehicles have one or more compartments (slideouts) designed to extend the living space of the vehicle while it is parked. They slide into place from the inside to the outside of the vehicle.

SMD: Surface mount device- a type of electronic component used in the manufacture of printed circuit boards that does not have wire leads attached.

SMT: Surface mount technology- the use of electronic parts in circuit board construction that do not have wire leads. In manufacturing circuit boards using SMT, surface mounted parts must be placed on the circuit board by a 'pick-and-place' machine. Parts are attached to the board with adhesive and circuit connections made by melting solder that has been placed on the board prior to part placement.

SNR: Signal to Noise Ration- also S/N