Many of the technical terms used throughout our website are explained in this glossary. Please select a letter of the alphabet – or choose “View All” – to browse terms and definitions.

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Thru-hole (through-hole): A term used to describe electronic parts which have a lead attached. In construction of a circuit board using leaded parts the lead must go through a hole in the circuit board before being soldered.

Tilt/telescope: In an automotive steering column that is adjustable there are typically two axes of position adjustment. They are the tilt and telescoping axes.

Trademark: A legally reserved device (as a word, name, logo) that points distinctly to the origin or ownership of merchandise. It is exclusively reserved for the owner of the trademark to use in the making and selling of the merchandise.

Transducer: A device that converts one type of physical stimulus into another. For example, a thermistor converts temperature changes into a change of electrical resistance. Another example is a microphone which converts acoustic energy into electrical energy.

TSPD: Thyristor Surge Protection Device

TWT: Traveling Wave Tube

TX: Transmitter or Transmit