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Fun Fact
In 1928 Sir Alexander Fleming noticed a mold that killed bacteria. In 1939 research showed its ability to kill infectious diseases. A search for the best mold candidate to produce the new substance, Penicillin, was found in a moldy cantaloupe in Peoria.


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Our industrial customers rely on us for:

  • Quick response
    We do not have voice mail or automated operators. Call us anytime.
  • Economical solutions
    We know what it takes to make a product fit a budget. Let an economical electronic solution work for you.
  • “Real World” problem solving expertise
    Many circuit designs only work ‘on the bench’. Ours work in their intended environments.
  • Long term relationships
    We measure our on-going relationships not in weeks and months but in years.
  • Modernization
    Many mature products can benefit from an electronic update. Save money and improve performance.
  • Product improvement
    Nothing is perfect. We can help enhance your existing products.
  • Special features
    Talk to us about creative additions to your design.
  • Design assistance
    We can help in every stage of the design to ensure a successful product.

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