Fun Fact
The paper clip, a handy device, is used to hold multiple papers together. It is made of metal. The ‘inventor’, Matthew Schooley, filed the first patent naming the ‘paper clip’ or ‘paper holder’ in 1896. Three years later, John Vaalar filed another patent, and he is the one that is generally known as the ‘inventor’ of the modern day paperclip.

Lightning simulator

Our Client

A manufacturer of lightning rods was having difficulty with sales demo kits designed to simulate lightning on a model house.  The demo kits had been designed nearly 50 years ago and were based on outdated technology. Facing complete loss of the last remaining demo units, the customer enlisted Inventure to update the technology and fabricate a new set of lightning simulators.

Our Solution

Step one in the redesign process was to study the operation of the few remaining outdated demo units.  After gaining a thorough understanding of the device and of the customer's requirements, Inventure set out to bring the latest materials, components and safety features into the redesign.  The result is a portable, attractive and robust lightning simulator that produces sparks up to 8 inches long.

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